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Uga Bay which is the latest addition to the star class resorts in Pasikuda is indeed a luxurious and memorable experience that you should not miss when holidaying in the East coast of Sri Lanka. With beautiful views of the unspoiled beaches and the combination of lavish surroundings and comfortable settings in every guestroom, the hotel provides a breathtakingly serene ambience to its guests. With a restaurant offering great food and seasonal seafood delights, the hotel provides guests with a number of facilities enabling you to enjoy a much awaited holiday experience by the beach.

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When looking for a special spa hotel in Sri Lanka, look no further than Our underground spa with a view of the sea. We also provide complete Well Being Packages as well as Yoga and Meditation on request. Therapists can provide massages based on local Ayurvedic techniques or Other styles that are typically Asian, or you may desire a European Style massage. Poolside cabanas are also available for an outdoor Treatment. At Bay, we aim for complete rejuvenation!
The restaurant looks out over the infinity pool to the sea, from where Our fine, fresh seafood is sourced. We support local fisherman at our Resort, which offers you a chance to enjoy the catch of the Day and a way to keep traditions alive as well. What you might not find At other Sri Lankan or Passekudah hotels is the concept of following Your own body clock. Our staff wants you to eat when you are hungry, not Merely at set mealtimes.
Uga Bay in Passekudah is one of the very best locations to enjoy the water Sports in Sri Lanka.  With such an expansive stretch of pristine beach, And the warm blue water calling from our calm protected bay, you can Take advantage of the shallows that go for hundreds of meters, and Easily launch jet skis, or try out kayaking or windsurfing.  We also Have coral reefs for snorkeling, deeper waters for boating and Shipwrecks to explore while scuba diving.
Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka is at its most exciting at the nearby World War I shipwreck of the HMS Hermes. The very first purpose-built An aircraft carrier in the world, she was bombed by Japanese aircraft and Sunk in the sea off of Batticaloa. The dive is reserved for experienced Divers, as the vessel lies at a depth of 44m (145ft). Let Uga Bay Arrange your undersea adventures!